Sunday, February 13, 2011

Princess Tea Party!

Time has certainly flown by because I can't believe that my God-daughter just turned four!!  It seems like she was just born yesterday!!  But in these short four years, my friend (her mom) and I have made a tradition out of creating a different birthday experience for her each year.  This year, since it's been discovered that she is *very* much a girly-girl, we decided to have a Princess Tea Party!

My friend found a real tea house that caters to the little ones and we knew this party was going to be a hit!  I also knew that I had more than a little bit of work to do to take this party up a notch!

 I designed her invitations on the computer and had them printed as 5X7 photos at a Walgreen's in her area.  Since we live in different states, it's super-convenient to be able to upload them to their website, they print them up and she can pick them up in about an hour!

 For the activity at the party, I bought picture frames from M's for a dollar and painted them purple.  Then I bought a big tub of foam stickers with a princess theme that they could use to decorate the frames.  I lucked up- the stickers were on sale! :o)

 The girls all had a fabulous time decorating the frames and they turned out so cute!  Since I had so many stickers, I also bought door-knob hangers for them to decorate too!  Great activity- they loved it!
 The Once Upon A Princess cartridge was perfect for each aspect of the party!  Where else would you find a little crown with a teapot in the middle?!  The 'tea party' cut in the middle of the picture frames came from this cart too.  I think that the treat bags came out great!  Next time though- I'll staple the bags *before* putting the decorative covers on!  LOL! Lesson learned!

Now that the Princess Tea Party was a great success- it's now time to re-focus on the DIY Bridal Shower that will take place in just 2-weeks!  The RSVPs are rolling in- so I have to get back to work!  Stay tuned!


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