Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY Bridal Shower ::The Shower Favors::

"What should we do for shower favors???  ...hmmmm...."  That was the question I kept asking myself as we were planning the bridal shower for one of my best friends.  I knew I wanted to stick to the cherry blossom theme we had set, but I also knew that I wanted to give the guests something...different...than the usual run-of-the-mill shower favor.  So I went to my go-to place for inspiration- YouTube! (lol) and found some great videos on how to make your very own sugar scrub- and I thought "that's perfect!".  What would be a better favor that a cherry blossom scented sugar scrub?!  Nothing!

So, after I purchased 5 bottles of Bath & Body Work's Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel (caught an *excellent* sale!) and a 10-lb bag of sugar- I was ready to go...or so I thought.  What in the world was I going to put the scrub in? I knew that I wanted something professional grade, and after searching around, I found these cute little jars from SKS Bottle & Packaging.  They have really GREAT prices and delivery was *quick*.  Once my jars came in, I was ready to rock and roll!  This was a super-simple project and my kitchen smelled heavenly!

Mixing the sugar and shower gel!

Love the professional look- right from my kitchen!
To complete the favors, I made small 3X3 inch cards that simply said "thank you for celebrating with us today".  Of course, I featured our ever-present cherry blossom on the front.  I think the favors came out very cute and it really gave me the 'something different' I was looking for!


Anonymous said...

This is a neat idea! Can you tell me what size jars you purchased and how many you were able to fill with 5 bottles of shower gel and 10 lbs of sugar? Thank you!

Da Shawnna said...

Sure! I ordered the 4 oz size and was able to make about 40 jars with the 5 bottles. I needed to make 50 jars, so I ended up using some unscented body wash to 'stretch' the mixture. Hope this helps!

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