Thursday, December 31, 2009

My First Showing

Hi Everybody!!

Whew! This has been an eventful few months and I am sooooo ready for 2010!! Now that I am settled and 'reconnected with the world' I wanted to share some pics from the card showing I had in Alaska right before I moved. Other than my blog and the Cricut MB, this is the first time I've publicly shown my cards and the first time I've sold them. Overall, I think it went very well!

Me at my little table!

A close-up of some of the cards I made especially for the show! I worked on the cards for the showing for *months*! But it was great fun preparing! :)

This was my favorite card! When you touched the wing of the butterfuly- it lit up!!

Of course I had to make custom bags for all of my new 'customers'! I sold my cards under the moniker Designs by Da Shawnna...I thought it had a nice little ring to it! LOL


Joy said... were busy!!! Great assortment of cards !xoxo Joy

Patsy B. said...

Your cards are awesome! And it is so great that you are posting again. I've missed you on the message board :)

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