Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gift Set for the "Little One"

My friends are having a baby and I wanted to send a gift in style! And what better way to that to create the gift wrap set myself! LOL!
Using the New Arrivals cart, I cut the "Little One" phrase and the cute little feet to run a theme from the card to the bag. I'm not that great at gift wrapping, so I created a top for the gift bag and decorated it! I love the top for the gift bag and I think I'll be doing them of all of my gift bags from now on!!
For the bag decoration, I measured the brown and green paper with a 1/4 inch border. I really wanted some detail on the green paper, so I cut the paper into fourths and sent each piece through the Cuttlebug using the Circles folder. I patched all the pieces together evenly and !viola! ~ a larger embossed surface! To secure the top, I punched holes one each side of the bag and used ribbon to "seal it". I'm thinking that I might do a tutorial on the bag.....hmm....we shall see if I am ready to wade into those waters.... :D


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