Sunday, July 5, 2009

My First Glass Etching Project!

My family is having a reunion this weekend and my aunt wanted to honor my uncle for having achieved 21 years of sobriety. (We are all SO PROUD of him!) She saw the Cricut infomercial, and knowing that I had one, called me up and requested "an etched glass replica of the AA coin"... Out of all of the things my wonderful E can do - she requests the one thing I was *terrified* to try!! ...Family!.. LOL
I'd been wanting to try etching for a long while- but was a little scared about how difficult it might be.... But after some great encouragement from Jeannie- **THANKS JEANNIE!!** - I went for it. It's not perfect, but I think it turned out okay for my first try! At least my aunt said she loved it!! :)
For this project I used a 16" beveled mirror I got from M's. To ensure correct sizing, I cut and recorded the sizes of all the letters and shapes and placed them on the mirror.
Then I cut the words and shapes using ProvoCraft vinyl. To assemble the triangle, I used strips of vinyl.
Finally, working from the inside out, going layer by layer, I etched all of the elements. When the entire project was complete, I used glass cleaner to remove all watermark, fingerprints, etc.
All in all- it was pretty easy project after I got everything layed out- the more elements you have the more time consuming your project is going to be. Etching is super simple! I look forward to more projects!!!


Sharon "Sassy" Butler said...

Wow great job for your 1st time...I'll have to try something layered.

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